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It Doesn't Have To Be That Scary!

October 12, 2018



Why does it seem that when most of us think about getting healthier it feels like it has to be a giant leap into some scary void, instead of baby steps on a path to somewhere wonderful? I mean really, it’s a personal decision. Nobody is timing us, or measuring us, and because it’s a personal decision it’s nobody’s business but ours!


We all have personal reasons for wanting to “get healthier”, and there are a lot of different steps on the path to “being” healthier. It’s not an “all or nothing” kind of thing. YOU get to decide.


This is why those New Year’s resolutions that include fad diets and gym memberships never last past February! We have somehow gotten it in our heads that we need to make these major life shifts all at once and that there can be no deviations!


When we get it in our heads that a thing has to be hard, we set ourselves up for failure. The quest to be healthier isn’t HARD, but you DO need a “why”. WHY do you want to be healthier? Do you want to feel better, have more energy to play with your kids or grandkids? Stop having gut pain?


Do you have a physical issue you would like to resolve before it gets too far along like high cholesterol or blood sugar? Or maybe, you want to be proactive and try to avoid some of those types of issues. You need a BIG “why” to help you keep moving forward!


Why not start to understand what the different stepping stones to a healthier lifestyle ARE, and start with one or two at a time? You know the old adage, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! (Who eats elephants?!)


Lucky for you, you’ve got connections to people that know how to help you chart a path for a healthier lifestyle. Understand, it IS a lifestyle. Slowly, but surely, you can create a new lifestyle.


Let’s look at some of the beginning steps on the path:

  * Drink more water. (Remember: At least 8 x 8)


  * Shop for foods without GMO’s. 

  *  Eat organic whenever possible. (Remember, if it’s organic 
     it is non-GMO)

  *  Move! Figure out a type of exercise that works for you.

  *  Start cutting out sugar.


Those are FIVE beginning steps on the path toward a healthier lifestyle. FIVE! Do you have to do ALL FIVE all at once? NO! How about starting with ONE!? Then maybe adding another.


You see what I mean? Start with ANY ONE of them and you will most likely notice a difference! I understand you may not even understand WHY those are important, but if you hang around you will learn! And if you need help along the way we are right here with a word of encouragement, or to answer any questions you have along the way.


What is at least ONE step you are ready to take on the path this next week? In all aspects of life it’s been found that we are more successful if we have accountability partners. We can all help each other along the way! Check out our private Facebook Group, Peak Wellness Through Nutrition, Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics. 



Remember, there is NO judgment here! We are all free to live and learn as we want, and at our own pace! Let’s take charge of our health one step at a time! 


Visit our resource page @ www.peakwellnessgroup.com for more helpful info, and look around for more information about who we are. 

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