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Discover what epigenetics IS & how it can upgrade your health

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Epigenetics The Key To Optimum Health

Whether you have pursued your best health for some time, or you are just getting started on your journey, epigenetic counseling empowers you to upgrade to the next level.  

Epigenetic Counseling

Epigenetics is the study of gene expression that does not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence. Every cell in the body contains the same set of genes, but marks made on genes turn on and off particular genes that dictate cell function.


Many of these epigenetic marks are believed to be heavily influenced by environmental factors such as diet and stress and may be responsible for everything from cancer to obesity, as well as numerous psychological disorders.

(source: What is Epigenetics)

Peak Wellness Group provides cutting edge testing and counseling which will help you understand YOUR individual genetic blueprint and optimize gene expression, as well as personalize a nutrition and lifestyle program based on your specific health needs. 


Our epigenetic/nutrigenomic counselor, Kara Krueger, BCNC provides many valuable insights and recommendations based on your individual genetic findings.  See a portion of a sample report here.

Included With Epigenetics Counseling

We will assess and provide interpretation of:
  • Nutrition Analysis Scoring Guide
  • Three Day Food Log
  • Epigenetic Reports
  • Potential For Disease Risk Genetic Reports
  • Current Intake of Over-The-Counter & RX Medications
You will receive one-on-one counseling with our board certified nutrition and epigenetic counselor Kara Krueger (usually a 1 1/2 hour consultation) to analyze the essential steps to optimize your health; and you will receive recommendations of foods, supplements and lifestyle based on your specific genetic makeup.
Think of it as fine tuning your body. 
Up to 90 minutes of additional consultation is included which will consist of follow up sessions to answer any questions and review your progress on your journey to take charge of your health.

We don't just tell you what needs help, we tell you how to fix it! 

Click the report to see a sample of what you will receive with your epigenetic counseling. 

Please note: This is only an excerpt of the report. 

Your report will be many more pages and very detailed. 


Which do you think is the better way to approach your health and overall wellness?

To keep trying this or that, taking a chance that something will make a difference?

Spending more money hoping it is the thing that will make you feel better?


Actually targeting the areas of your health that are not operating optimally?

Focusing on exactly what is happening in your body and discovering how to fix it.

We will be your guides to optimal health.

How does it work?

Step 1:  We prefer to have a consultation with you so we can make sure that epigenetic counseling is really what you want/need. 

Step 2:  If we all agree epigenetic work is a good fit for you, we order the genetics test kit, unless you have done testing with a company like 23&Me, Ancestry.com or My Heritage. (The company we use is a private company and provides comprehensive data). 

Step 3:  The test kit is mailed directly to you.  You provide the genetic material via cheek swab and mail it in. 

Step 4:  Reporting usually takes 6-8 weeks from the time you mail in your test kit.  During this time you complete the intake paperwork we need to have completed in order to prepare your reports.

Step 5:  We schedule your reporting consultation!  This is usually a 1 1/2 hour session where we sit down with you and go over your genetic results and provide you with diet, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations based on YOUR genetic make up.  (Another 90 minutes of consultation time is included for follow up sessions to check in and discuss changes that might benefit you. 

Have more questions?

How about scheduling a consultation?

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!


". . . Peak Wellness Group did my profile, which was a mapping of my personal DNA, and gave me the tools to push forward with the individual knowledge that is needed for me and only me. . ."

- Doc Farrow, 

Actor, Comedian & Producer

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

  • Frustrated & feeling like no one is listening to you?

  • Desperate for health answers but don't know where to look?

  • Are you struggling with fatigue?

  • Having digestive issues, including heartburn and GERD?

  • Need to build a stronger immune system?

  • Need to eliminate toxins?

  • Trouble managing weight issues? 

  • Struggling with stress, anxiety or depression?

  • Have auto immune issues?

The Answers Are Within Reach!

Perhaps you are doing all the right things but have hit a glass ceiling and don't know why you can't feel better? 

This is where looking at your genetics can provide the breakthrough you've been searching for!

Everyone needs a guide now & then.
A hand UP to be able to reach your goals.
You don't have to figure it out
on your own!

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

What about my privacy?

We understand that many people are concerned about privacy issues and these corporations having access to your DNA.  We prefer to use My Heritage, which is a private company unlike 23&Me, Ancestry, etc.  My Heritage NEVER sells your data, or uses it for ANY reason.  You can even request that they destroy your data once you have your reports, however, you will not be able to receive new reports as they become available if you have your data destroyed. 

What do YOU do with my data?

Our intake paperwork asks if you would like us to delete your genetic data when we have completed our work with you.  However, we will not be able to provide new reports as they are created by the company that provides our reports (My Heritage) if we delete your data.  

How much does it cost?

For all of the reports and total of 3 1/2 hours of counseling time explained above, the investment is $695.00.  From time to time we offer discounts through social media.  When you become a member of our private Facebook Group, Peak Wellness Through Nutrition, Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics, you are eligible for a 15% discount.  


The answers are within you.

All you need to do is look!

DNA is like a symphony, and a genetic variant can be like an instrument playing out of tune which effects the whole symphony! 

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