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How Does Epigenetic Counseling Help Me?

The simple explanation is that epigenetics is the practice of looking at a person's genetic make up and seeing which genes are switched on and off.  Whether or not the gene is on or off based on its function can determine whether the persons many various bodily systems are functioning optimally. 

We can't change anyones DNA, however, we can help change the way the genes express through nutrition, supplementation, environment and lifestyle.  


". . . Peak Wellness Group did my profile, which was a mapping of my personal DNA, and gave me the tools to push forward with the individual knowledge that is needed for me and only me. . ."

- Doc Farrow, 

Actor, Comedian & Producer

Whether you have pursued your best health for some time, or you are just getting started on your journey, epigenetic counseling empowers you to upgrade to the next level.  

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Epigenetics Counseling
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  • Trouble managing weight issues? 

  • Struggling with stress, anxiety or depression?

  • Have auto immune issues?

The Answers Are Within Reach!

Perhaps you are doing all the right things but have hit a glass ceiling and don't know why you can't feel better? 

This is where looking at your genetics can provide the breakthrough you've been searching for!

Everyone needs a guide now & then.
A hand UP to be able to reach your goals.
You don't have to figure it out
on your own!

DNA is like a symphony, and a genetic variant can be like an instrument playing out of tune which effects the whole symphony! 

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